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Aside from thinking way too much about movies featuring vampires and slime creatures, my other main hobby is vinyl. I’ve been collecting thrift store records since I was in high school (I guess you could say, before it was cool) and I’ve seen a small cult hobby grow into a big old shitty pile of greed and snobbery as more people got into it and the vultures swooped in to sell overpriced junk to the ignorant and the stupid.  But that’s a rant for another day, I suppose.
My favorite things to collect used to be punk records but since those have become super trendy (Grrrr), they’re generally out of my prince range now (I saw a fuggin’ Saints record on sale for like 50 bucks today. I mean, I love The Saints first three albums more than I love most people but come on! That’s just insane.) I have, however, combined two hobbies into one as for quite a few years now I’ve been trying to find horror related things on vinyl. Well, it used to be just horror but after awhile it started to encompass science fiction as spaceships and ray guns kept turning up in the bargain bins I was digging in and at the record fairs I was spending too much time and money at. Plus the damn things weren’t and aren’t trendy so they’re usually pretty cheap and fun to track down.
At any rate, I thought I’d show off a few of my favorite finds here. Not everything, just the good stuff or we’d be here all day.  Okay? Let’s go! (Please excuse my poor photography skillz).

12695362_10153914497455786_1018694572_oTo start off with, this is the first one I ever found. At a Catholic run thrift store no less! I also dug up a signed copy of a book about real life murders by August Derleth at the same time. I wonder if those old ladies running the counter thought I was up to something…

12656034_10153914497735786_543908812_oIs Deliverance a horror movie? I guess it’s a horror movie of sorts. It did actually give me a bad nightmare the first time I watched it, so I guess it counts. It’s probably the weirdest soundtrack for a “scary” movie ever produced since it’s just a previously released bluegrass record with Dueling Banjos tacked on! Got this one for a whole dollar from some guy at a flea market who obviously wanted to get rid of a bunch of shit. Snagged a pretty sweet Willie Nelson double LP at the same time. Best two dollars ah ever spent!

12696462_10153914497785786_138007488_oThis one was my mom’s. I remember it sitting around in my parent’s disused box of vinyl since I was a little kid (I bought an old record player when I was a teenager but we never had one growing up). The cover is beat all to Hell but it plays like it was just opened yesterday. I have no idea why my mother had this since most of her collection consisted of stuff like Journey and Bread (yes, that is an actual band’s name). And, hey! It still has the original booklet inside it!

12696670_10153914497665786_266201727_oThis is a pretty crummy kid’s record where a really bad voice actor tells stories that I’ve read were adapted from the Planet of the Apes comic books and that really kind of suck. The artwork is just amazing though. Check out the back cover. It looks nothing like the front!12656019_10153914497580786_1488245383_o
This is another kid’s record but this one is actually pretty damn cool. The first side of this Disneyland record is a series of goofy stories interspersed with sound effects that are supposed to have come from the Disney stock library. The second side is just the sound effects and the record says you’re supposed to make up your own damn stories. One of the tales on the first side involves a racist Asian character! Amazing.

12675250_10153914497835786_2082021065_oThis is one that I picked up for like a dollar at Goodwill. It’s Meco’s followup to his unbelievably campy Star Wars disco record. In this one he takes his funky disco beats and travels through time! If you’ve ever wanted to hear what Studio 54 would sound like transported to the 1930’s, here ya go! If there was a robot that ran on camp and you played him this disc, he’d overload and start shooting sparks out of his shiny robot asshole.

12669973_10153914498005786_207122025_oAnd finally, this is one that I picked up today but haven’t had a chance to listen to yet. I still consider it one of the coolest things I’ve ever bought. I mean look at the actual record itself! Holy crap!
That, my friends, is true beauty. None of this Van Gogh or Monet shit. They never put out a piece of double colored vinyl now did they? No! They’re trash I tell you! Trash!

I guess those are the more visually interesting ones I’ve acquired. I won’t bore you all day with these just because I like to show off a bit. And, hey, if anyone wants to come over and listen to the soundtrack from 2001: A Space Odyssey or the original Battlestar Galactica TV series, you’re more than welcome. Bring some snacks though. Good ones. And root beer! Nobody gets in without root beer! And…hey! Come back! I’ve got the 70’s King Kong remake on DVD! We can compare notes on why it’s crap and…wait! Where are you going….